Residential Pressure Washing


At Green USA Cleaning Company we do pressure washing in the South Bay Area.  We will Power Wash or Pressure Wash anything connected to your house, so that it has the look and feel you wish. A good cleaning by Pressure Washing will have your property looking like NEW in no time!


A house can build up mold, mildew and other natural earth effects that create a scene that is not ideal. Green USA Cleaning Company we are here to help you to have the look that you really desire. This look is created through the Pressure Washing of your home and property by a skilled technician that has been trusted by hundred of homeowners in the bay area.

We are a service oriented company, and we serve to serve again.Pressure-Washing

Exterior House Pressure Washing, Home Pressure Washing, Sidewalk Pressure washing, Roof Pressure Washing are all services that can be done, and are done on a daily basis by Green USA Cleaning Company. Dirt, Gum and Debris Pressure Washing services are always available




Power Wash 1 Power wash chair